M   O   O   N   C   A   L   F

released September 11 2013・CD, Digital / CDアルバム・2013年11月発売

"...totally captivating energy throughout...Darvidis and Hicks create a truly beautiful sound together. Full of subtle surprises, this is creative music with maturity and sophistication well beyond the years of its creators. 
A superb debut album."
-Andrea Keller
"...a wonderful example of creative, beautiful music-making. No surprise here, for [Marty's] playing has always had a wonderful subtlety to it, as do his compositions. This recording is a fine example of these qualities. Listen." 
-Tony Gould

'Mooncalf' is a 45-minute work for piano and voice. A treatise on the beauty of imperfection, impermanence and fragility, the work draws on a multitude of influences spanning literature, film and history. 

Revelling in the moments in music that would normally be discreetly shifted aside - such as audible breaths, extraneous noises, cracks in the voice, and the rustling of material and machine inside the piano - 'Mooncalf' heralds these as sounds sharing the same value and beauty as the notes that are a product of them, celebrating the inescapable humanity, and inherent imperfection, in making music. 

piano/composition - Marty Hicks        ~       voice - Georgie Darvidis



ピアノ/作曲:マーティ・ヒックス  〜  歌:ジョージー・ダーヴィディス

K Y O T O ・松濤

released 24th March 2015・Digital / アルバム・2015年3月発売

Recorded over the span of five months on rundown upright Yamaha pianos at Ritsumeikan University, 'Kyoto, or: On the Sound of Wind Through Trees (and Over Pine Needles)' is both a musical love letter to city rich in history, culture and aesthetic appreciation, and a pillow book full of fond, formative memories.

The homemade album contains ten improvisations centered around select Japanese aesthetics, and contains numerous field recordings that compliment the music with their sense of aural tangibility: evening cicadas at the close of Kyoto's languid summer; the deep echoing reverberations of Buddhist chanting in a mountain temple; the running of water in a village rivulet. 

Purchase of the album includes exclusive translation notes, videos, bonus tracks, and access to the 'Kyoto' section on this website.

piano/composition - Marty Hicks




on-on 音・音

「on-on」is a new group featuring performers of traditional Gagaku music, composers, and visual artists. 

Focusing on presenting traditional Japanese music aesthetics with fresh perspective, the group holds performances and installations at various art festivals in Tokyo.


・Art Path 2016, Tokyo University of the Arts, Kita-senju Campus(千住アートパス2016、東京藝術大学北千住キャンパス)

・Komo-gomo Ten, art market at Ueno Park(こもごも展、上野公園)

・Tokyo University Arts Festival 2016(藝祭 2016)


Notate with Nerve・「神経で音をかく」企画

「Notate with Nerve」is a project born from a collaboration between visual artist Hiroka Chiba and composers from Tokyo University of the Arts. The project was initiated under the leadership of composer Akira Senju, who runs a workshop geared toward encouraging inter-disciplinary artistic collaborations.

Stemming from the concept of blood flow and musical architecture, 1-minute compositions from a group of composers are transformed into elaborate graphic scores that can each be performed live by musicians. The group exhibits their work in various art exhibitions as well as live concerts.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/notatewithnerve


'Robert Frank: Books & Films 1947-2016 in Tokyo'
Closing Event Performance: 「uninstall / disassemble」

Collaborating with contemporary dancers Saori Hala & Yu Okamoto and lighting artist Yuuki Ito, 「uninstall / disassemble」is a 30-minute sound composition performed as part of the closing event for a Robert Frank exhibition held at Tokyo University of the Arts in November 2016. The piece utilised electronic drones, analog tape loops, and various environmental sounds, played through a 6-speaker surround sound setup.

「uninstall / disassemble」は、2016年11月に東京藝術大学で行われた「Robert Frank: Books and Films 1947-2016 in Tokyo」のクロージングイベントのために制作された30分のパフォーマンスである。音楽は電子ドローン、アナログのテープや環境音を用いた6コのスピーカーによるライブエレクトロニクスの曲。


website: http://steidlxtua.tumblr.com/

Releases through PASR Musikverlag・海外レーブルに発売されているアルバム

Albums released online by Vienna-based record label PASR Musikverlag, featuring music by Marty Hicks.

film & video work・映画/動画

A Cup of Coffee vol. 5: Ki

music: Marty Hicks・CM音楽

"Tokyo Talks" / "Tokyo Nights" Series - Galileo Ferrari, galileoferrari.com

music: Marty Hicks

Opening Sesame

directed by Koujiro Inoue・music by Marty Hicks

animated short film・短編アニメーション映画

Tokyo University of the Arts Graduation Work 2017 (東京藝術大学大学院映像研究科アニメーション専攻終了制作)

「死ぬほどつまらない映画」(Self-Honest Me)

directed by Kazuki Sekiguchi・music by Marty Hicks

animated short film・短編アニメーション映画

Tokyo University of the Arts 1st Year Work 2017 (東京藝術大学一年次作品)

Power Down

directed by Marilou Soller・music by Marty Hicks

animated short film・短編アニメーション映画

Tokyo University of the Arts  x  École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs (ENSAD)

Amenze, In Between Worlds (2016)

short film by Mariona Lloreta


collaborations/as side man・共同制作

'暖かな季節 (Warm Season)'

with Michiru Aoyama(青山ミチル)

Organic Industries, Berlin,  2013


'Marty Hicks - Naoyuki Sasanami - Matthew Smithson'

with Naoyuki Sasanami

Somehow Recordings, United Kingdom,  2012

'The Expensive Train Set'

with the Tim Davies Big Band (LA)

Origin Records, USA, 2016

buy on iTunes or from Origin Records


About the project: http://www.timusic.net/big-band/


translation work・翻訳


Yoko Kusano

foreword & blurb

published by Pull the Wool: pullthewool55.com


写真集 『EVERYTHING IS TEMPORARY(すべてが一時的なものです)

発行:Pull the Wool pullthewool55.com


Masahisa Fukase

"Afterword" photobook

published by roshin books



発行:roshin books http://roshinbooks.com