Marty Hicks is a Tokyo-based pianist and composer from Melbourne, Australia. 

A graduate of the jazz improvisation course at The University of Melbourne (Faculty of the VCA), Marty became a MEXT scholar in 2015 and entered into a Masters course at Tokyo University of the Arts, where he majored in composition for film, animation and various media projects.
An active member of the Tokyo arts and music community, Marty intermittently  plays solo concerts featuring live electronics and homemade visual projections. He writes music for film and other media, and has collaborated with dancers, painters, animators and other musicians for projects in and around Tokyo.

His original duo project 'Mooncalf', with vocalist & longtime collaborator Georgie Darvidis, released its debut album in September 2013, coinciding with performances at Bennetts Lane, Grant Street at Lionel's,  Nugent Street, Lebowski's at Cross Street, and St. Jude's Anglican Church for Cinematic: In Circles. The project has also been featured as part of the Mood Indigo concert series at the Melbourne Recital Centre. Marty has worked as a member of numerous Melbourne-based bands, such as Sex on Toast, The Do Yo Thangs, and Brecker Mecca, and has had the opportunity to play for esteemed venues, events and festivals around Australia as well as overseas in Chengdu, New York and Monterey.

Marty has released two other solo albums, and has participated with artists such as Michiru Aoyama on a number of albums released through web labels. He is currently a featured artist with Vienna-based label PASR Musikverlag.

Currently, Marty works as a freelance composer and musician, while actively engaging in Japanese/English translation work.

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オーストラリア、アメリカや中国などで公演の経験を経て、国内では「Robert Frank: Books & Films 1947-2016 in Tokyo」、千住明の「SENJU LABO」や新潟県やまきわ美術館開催「Recalling Another Memory」展示会など、幅広く作品・共同制作を提供。自費出版のCDアルバム3枚、その他ピアノ奏者または作曲家として参加し海外レーベルで発表されたアルバムも数枚。



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