World Premiere of feature film "The Ghost and the House of Truth"

I’m very pleased to announce the upcoming release of a feature-length film I wrote the score to entitled “The Ghost and the House of Truth”.

Directed by Akin Omotoso (VAYA, Tell Me Sweet Something and acting credits in Blood Diamond, Lord of War), The Ghost and the House of Truth is a suspenseful thriller set in Lagos, Nigeria, and is helmed by a stellar lineup of wonderful actors including Susan Wakoma and Kate Henshaw.

The film premieres on September 20 2019 in New York at the Urbanworld Film Festival, celebrating diversity in cinema and other artforms.

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Rework of Luke Howard's "Blossom" - available now

It’s a great honor for me to announce this collaboration long in the making with good friend & benefactor Luke Howard
I had the opportunity to do a rework of his track “Blossom” from the album ‘Open Heart Story’ released last year, to celebrate its 1-year anniversary. 
I also get to share this project with a host of other fantastic musicians whose reworks will be shared in the upcoming weeks. 
My “Blossom” rework is available for streaming right now, so wrap your ears around it!

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New EP 'The Elia Passages' out now on Rural Sounds

A new 5-track EP titled “The Elia Passages” was made available for release today through Norway’s Rural Sounds, streamable through Spotify, iTunes and other distribution platforms.

“Narrated by strings of plucked piano phrases that come and go like afterthoughts, "The Elia Passages” is either the retelling of a culture that has yet to exist, or the remembrances of one that may never have existed.
The gently wavering carpets of synth conjure up images of houses overrun by greenery, faded fabric, smoke billowing into the night. The muffled sound of bonfires, quiet storms, and running water lend a sense of physical presence to the music, as one might vaguely remember the sound of a place a specific memory  is tied to - but the tales told in the Elia Passages, like most myths, exist outside of time: beyond the sonic environment they present, the space they occupy is that of the imagination.”

A cassette tape release of the record will also be up for sale in the coming weeks!
Thanks for listening.

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New album 'Olreilion' releasing February 28
Screen Shot 2019-02-24 at 17.47.17.png

I’m incredibly pleased to announce the first of 2 imminent special releases of music of my own that I've been working on since September last year - this one is a little scrapbook of sounds, sensations and warm textures named "Olreilion", and I've been eagerly waiting to release into the wild.
The album is being released through Michiru Aoyama's fresh new label Bullflat3.8, and both CD and digital copies are up now for pre-order through the label's Bandcamp.
It was mastered by one of my favourite ambient musicians, Chihei Hatakeyama, and the artwork design was done by Ryo Fujimoto.
The record drops on February 28th. Give it a listen in a quiet place on your favourite armchair, go ahead and tell your friends about it, or let me know what you thought.

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Composition for short animated film "House Rattler" | 副島しのぶアニメ作品『鬼とやなり』の音楽提供

Following on from her acclaimed previous work “The Spirits of Cairn”, Shinobu Soejima returns with a new animated short titled “House Rattler”.

I had the opportunity to write the score to the film, which will be premiered at Tokyo University of the Arts’ animation faculty graduation exhibition GEIDAI ANIMATION 10 SKIN, beginning this Saturday February 9 in Yokohama, and Saturday March 2 in Tokyo.
For times and further details, check the website below.


東京藝術大学映像研究科アニメーション専攻の卒業制作上映会、「GEIDAI ANIMATION 10 SKIN」にて初上映されます。開催期間は2つありまして、最初の開催の横浜会場での上映は2月9日(土)から始まります。

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Sound installation work for NGV Friday Nights, December 7 - April 5 2019

Super excited to be premiering a sound installation work as part of the Bach X Reimagined series by anon. for NGV's Friday Nights, beginning Friday December 7 and running until April.
The multi-channel sound work will be playing in the new Gallery Kitchen to bookend the live performances that will happen there as part of the night as well.
The project is interlinked with the Escher x nendo exhibition, which will also be open for the duration of the evening.

December 7 - April 5 2019
6pm - 10pm
Gallery Kitchen, National Gallery of Victoria

Book tickets / more info:

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SONO Vol. 4|出演決定

Super stoked to be featured alongside an amazing lineup that includes LLLL : フォーエルNoahDaisuke Tanabe and submerse for the 4th installment of SONO. 
Hope to see you down at Omotesando Polygon on August 11, from 5pm!

大好きなイベントSONOの第4回目、出演させていただくことになりました。他にLLLL、noah、daisuke tanabe、Submerseなども出演予定でマジで豪華なラインアップ。どうかお見逃しなく。

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