『Robert Frank: Books & Films』展示会のクロージングイベント、出演決定・ performance at closing event of exhibition "Robert Frank: Books & Films" at Tokyo University of the Arts

今月11/24、東京藝大で開催される展示会『Robert Frank: Books and Films, 1947-2016 in Tokyo』のクロージングイベントで出演させていただきます!




Really really excited to have the opportunity to perform alongside revered contemporary dancers Saori Hala and Yu Okamoto, at the closing event of an exhibition of works by none other than Robert Frank on November 24th.

I'll be performing "uninstall / disassemble", a work for numerous analog and electronic apparatuses in six-speaker surround.

It's free but only for 100 entrants - get your booking in while you still can! 11/24, from 7pm.

(if you can't read japanese but want to attend let me know!)

日時:11月24日(木) 19:00開始
会場:東京藝術大学大学美術館 陳列館


Date/time: 24th November 2016, doors at 7pm

Location: Tokyo University of the Arts, Art Department - Exhibition Space (Chinretsukan)

Guest Capacity: first 100 applicants (bookings required)

Bookings (in Japanese): http://ptix.co/2f65EkX

Price: Free

Performers: Yu Okamoto, Saori Hara, Marty Hicks, Tokyo University of the Arts Contemporary Dance Department, Dr. Yanagi

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