Graduation Work "dear alma: part 1 & 2" at Tokyo University of the Arts Senju Campus Graduation Exhibition・修士課程修了制作「dear alma: part 1 & 2」、東京藝術大学千住キャンパスの卒業展示会で出品

In 2017 I worked very hard on making a short video work that utilizes a 5-speaker surround sound system. From towards the end of 2016 until the middle of 2017 I shot footage on 'Single-8' 8mm film, using a camera i found at a market, and then spent a few months crafting sounds and music for it. It's called "dear alma", it's in 2 parts, and it features vocals by the incredible Akai Hirume and storytelling by my old pal Georgie Darvidis. You can see it during a very special set of screenings as part of the graduation exhibition of my uni department, Tokyo University of the Arts' Creativity of Music and Sound, from February 10th to 12th. All details in the link below (in Japanese, comment or PM me if you need English deets!).
hope to see you there.

2月10~12日、「東京藝術大学 音楽環境創造科/大学院 音楽音響創造・芸術環境創造 卒業制作・論文/修了制作・論文発表会」という凄まじい名前のある、うちの学科の卒業制作展示会にて映像作品「dear alma」を発表します。

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