New album 'Olreilion' releasing February 28

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I’m incredibly pleased to announce the first of 2 imminent special releases of music of my own that I've been working on since September last year - this one is a little scrapbook of sounds, sensations and warm textures named "Olreilion", and I've been eagerly waiting to release into the wild.
The album is being released through Michiru Aoyama's fresh new label Bullflat3.8, and both CD and digital copies are up now for pre-order through the label's Bandcamp.
It was mastered by one of my favourite ambient musicians, Chihei Hatakeyama, and the artwork design was done by Ryo Fujimoto.
The record drops on February 28th. Give it a listen in a quiet place on your favourite armchair, go ahead and tell your friends about it, or let me know what you thought.

Marty HicksComment