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track featured on Audiokult's 'Soundtracks Vol. 3'

I was fortunate enough to work with a Vienna-based publisher recently, who has given me the opportunity to publish some tracks on a few different European compilation labels.
The first one is Audiokult's Soundtracks Vol. 03, which features a host of other amazing ambient and film-oriented music. 
The album is all over the net - Spotify, iTunes and Amazon to name a few - so get your ears around it however you can!
一番目はAudiokultというレーベルの『Soundtracks Vol. 03』、映画音楽的なコンピレーションアルバムでございまーす。自分なのは一つの曲しかないんですけれど他にも素晴らしいアーティストの曲が沢山ありますのでどうぞ気軽にお聴きくださいー!


New solo piano album 'Kyoto' out now

My solo piano mini-album 'Kyoto, or: On the Sound of Wind Through Trees (and Over Pine Needles)' is now available on my Bandcamp!

This collection of handmade music I recorded about a year ago on rundown Yamaha uprights in Kyoto has been hibernating in my computer for quite a long time, and while I didn't get around to producing any hard copies I feel like it's ready to get a taste of the real world.
Included in the purchase & download is a bundle of extra goodies I also spent a long time working on.

For more info visit the link below - and I hope you enjoy this overly sentimental musical love letter to a beautiful city!